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💁🏻‍♀️Dont mind me.. it’s just me in full pretzel mode 🥨 another 20 mins in the pretzel 🥨 zone with interruptions of course.. Motherhood.. Motherhood started with a choice And that choice you take with you each day. You wake up and start each day wearing your title, while giving them the choice of berries and oats or weetbix and toast. Every 5 minutes stopping and adjusting what your doing to deal with their needs. Every day your juggling your life, plus the needs of 3 others and somewhere between the washing and mopping and mum life I’m juggling with 20 minutes and fit in a workout. Of course it’s ALWAYS interrupted and I’m never left alone but it’s nice to make that time and refuel my tank and mindset by focusing on me, even if it’s just 20 minutes a day. 
Of course your choices mould your children. You are their role model. They are  learning from you and will grow up making choices influenced by you. As each day goes on each mistake will be learned from and recognised- I hope...All …

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